Principal Message

Education is a Social process. Education is growth. Education is not a preparation for life; education is life itself. –John Dewey

Dear Readers,

Rishikul International School,Mathura,has been established to accomplish a long cherished and noble cause to transform young and innocent children into responsible citizens of this nation bestowed with a holistic education, skills and virtues. School’s edifice stands on four pillars; namely sound academics, self discipline, excellence in sports as well as moral and spiritual development. We strive to strengthen these pillars at RIS with the support and good wishes of all the parents who have placed their children in our care.

Our main endeavors would be to transact ‘Progressive Education’, through well structured Curriculum framework by the eminent panel of Educationists and Subject Experts from various place , which will provide the students a platform for ‘hands on learning’, in fact ‘learning by doing’ instead of rote learning.

Education begins within the threshold of one’s own house. It takes all the people involved in the life of a child to give their best in doing their part in raising a child. Each child is unique with special gifts and multiple talents. We would focus on developing the multiple intelligences as mentioned by Howard Gardner; Interpersonal, Intrapersonal, linguistic, logical, musical, Spatial, body-kinesthetic, and Naturalistic intelligence, through a well structured child centered curriculum that facilitates learning in a joyful manner to achieve academic excellence and all round development with a sound moral base. Our main aim is to make your child comfortable in school and provide a loving and caring environment that will provide positive vibes to children so that they grow into a strong, self esteemed, confident, and a cheerful personality.


L. M. Sharma

Rishikul International School is a significant academic institute in Gokul Mahavan area.It's a jourey towards excellence .It is a great honour to be the Head Mistress of an institute .The vision of R.I.S. is to mould the uncertain future with the good points of the past, to provide the holistic education to the students, to gear them to face challenges of a modern ,fast and technologically controlled world with acumen and confidence .

Our faculty are constantly evolving approaches to teaching and facilitating active learning ,which promotes the holistic development of the child in a stimulating environment .
Last but not the least the momentum towards progress is to be only kept alive by enthusiasm .So lets LIGHT the MATCH and OUR STUDENTS will CARRY the TORCH of ENLIGHTENMENT and GLORY.

Head Mistress

Chitra Sharma