Academic Advisor

Ms. Mona Mehdi, Director Academics, Sarhya Management Services Pvt. Ltd. (a company of Sri VVS Laxman coming up with schools) is backed by over 19 years of experience as a teacher and an administrator in reputed schools of Lucknow and Hyderabad. Her professional expertise, communicative skills, dramatic and artistic talents are commendable. With knowledge and experience in her field, she is successful in motivating her team, always asserting- ‘There is no short cut to success. It is the work alone that works.’ It is conveyed to all that diligence is the formula for success and is the mother of good fortune. As an able and charismatic leader, she aims at making her team and the students learn to lead and be good human beings, besides being successful. She is an inspiration for many, her selfless and optimistic approach motivates and encourages her friends and associates to move ahead and face the challenges of life.

Professionally, Ms. Mehdi has focused keenly on her sole mission- the growth and glory of the institute in all the spheres- curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular. The organizations in her aegis aim at the all-round development of a child in the midst of holistic education provided by the school. Her aspirations are in tune with the modern times of the advancement of Science and Technology but has its roots firmly grounded in traditional values and culture. With a perfect blend of both and a mingling of all spheres of education given due attention, the institutes under her guidance and leadership aims at global education to make the student a global citizen.

A national scholarship holder, she has been honoured with the Best Teacher award in Anand Bhawan Convent. She is a respected personality in ETV Uttar Pradesh and has adjudged several state level talent programs such as Voice of Lucknow, Hungama TV Captain and Frank Anthony debate competition, in her quest to find and encourage fresh talent. She has also been an integral part of OXFAM, an NGO for violence against women, Friends+ and EnH Foundation working for the underprivileged. She has been the validator for the Impromptu speaking by Toastmasters Hyderabad for Limca Book of Records.

She has been recently awarded with the Rajiv Gandhi Vidya Gold Award for her outstanding achievement in the field of education. She is the most sought after national level Resource Person of ELT for the leading publication houses and a leading Pronouncer for the Spell Bee Contests. .

Under her leadership Orchids The International School, Hyderabad, bagged the e-India 2013 Award for the extensive use of technology in education. 1st Innings - the play school, in Hyderabad is her latest venture for the VVS laxman's group. She intends to take it globally. The group also intends to come up with a high school in near future under her leadership.

Academic Advisor

Ms. Mona Mehdi