school Rules
  • Student Should respect their teachers and all members of the staff members of the staff and companions with due respect and politeness.
  • Form unauthorized absence exceeding fifteen calendar days, the defaulter's name will be struck off from the roll and considered withdrawn.
  • Any damage done to school property should be replaced by the pupil concerned.Parents and guardians are not allowed to meet their children unwanted or interview teachers during school hours.
  • The School fees cover twelve calendar months and can be paid in advance. Pupils are liable to be charged full fees as long as their names are officially on the rolls.Fees are to be paid in advance as per schedule .Fees are collected on working days from 8.00to 12.15 p.m and 2.05 p.m to 4.00 p.m.
  • The management has the right to infroduce, amend or change the rule and regulation in furtherance of aims, objectives and ideals of the trust , when the necessity so arises.

  • Important Notes of Guardians

    Parents and Guardians are requested to co-operate with school authorities.

  • By urging their wards to be regular and punctual in attendance.
  • By seeing that their wards are diligent at their home work and lessons.
  • By insisting on neatness and cleanliness of their text books , ercercise books and personal appearance.
  • by Occasionally meeting with the principal to discuss the progress of their children .
  • If there are change in address, please let the office know in written.